J.B. Adams School


Early Childhood Development Programs

J.B. Adams School is a unique Infant and Early Childhood Development Center. We are curriculum based and we serve children age 0 to 12 years. The first five years of a child’s life are critical and we focus on building a strong academic foundation. Children learn by playing, and exploring, and singing, and dancing. They use all of their senses to connect with their parents, teachers and environment.

Infants Daycare Services in Houston

Infants Daycare

(6 weeks – 12 months)
Toddler Daycare Program in Houston


(1 – 2 years old)
Two Years Old Program in Houston

Two Years Old

(2 – 3 years old)
Three Years Old Program in Houston for 3- 4 Years Old

Three Years Old

(3- 4 years old)
Pre-Kindergarten Program in Houston


(4 – 5 years old)
School Age Program in Houston

School Age

(5 – 12 years old)