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Ms. Joyce Beverly Adams-Taylor is presently the Director of J. B. Adams School and is affectionately called Ms. Joyce! She has a Bachelors in Secondary Education, Associate CDA in Early Childhood Pre-K, Life Marketable Skills in Infant, Toddler and because she is a lifelong learner and loves to teach she has too many Certifications to name.

Ms. Joyce has been the Director of J. B. Adams for over 35 years. Her greatest achievement and legacy will be bringing a Certified and Structured Curriculum. To the school where kids are being nurtured and taught and given the tools necessary to go on to private or public schools and proudly compete in and around the City of Houston. Her legacy will also be bringing J.B. Adams School classification as an A rated 5 star learning Center.

Joyce Beverly Adams
Early Childhood Education Services
Early Childhood Education Services


It is our mission to teach and prepare our scholars for school by intellectually uplifting each scholar to their highest potential with a strong academic foundation. While also building great character and social and emotional skills.


We are “partners” with the parents in this grand adventure for academically excelling, and strengthening character and spiritually building and manifesting intellectual skills in each scholar. These skills will lay a strong and positive foundation so the scholar will become a Lifelong Learner!


J.B. Adams School has been dedicated for over 60 years to setting high standards of excellence in Infant and Early Childhood education and serving the needs of our scholars and community.

Early Childhood Education Services in Houston
Early Childhood Education Services
Early Childhood Education Services

Our History

Adams Grade School, Inc was conceived in 1961 by Pastor and Mrs. J. B. Adams. Pastor Adams initially worked at the South Pacific Railroad (Englewood Plant). The economy took a turn for the worst and Pastor Adams was laid off from South Pacific Railroad. Being unemployed was not an option for Pastor Adams because he had an obligation to provide for his wife and four daughters. The Adams family explored multiple alternatives and concluded that a second career in childcare was the path the Lord was leading them down. Matthew 19:14 says, “Jesus said, let the little children come to me. Don’t stop them, because the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to people who are like these children”. This scripture was near and dear to the loving couple. Their prayers and trust in God led them to take a leap of faith into the second phase of their lives.

The New Canaan Day Care Center was the initial name of the daycare, but it later became known as J. B. Adams Day Care Center. The school began in the New Canaan Missionary Baptist church Cafeteria and was under the leadership of Mrs. Caraway, who was also a member of New Canaan. Mrs. Caraway was a dynamic teacher whose vibrant personality was pivotal in the growth and expansion of the daycare.
Her philosophy to education was that children would learn everything they needed to know about this world by incorporating the Word of God. The news of the great things going on in the daycare spread quickly. There was a great demand for a solid Christian education in a safe and loving environment, and after a few years, the daycare had grown by leaps and bounds. Pastor Adams and his wife purchased the property adjacent to the church, 4601 Hirsch Road, which is the current location of the school today.

The J. B. Adams School is currently under the leadership of the children of Pastor and Mrs. J. B. Adams. The director (Joyce Adams) and the assistant director (Shiyolanda Griffin), who are college educated with extensive training in Early Childhood Development, ensured that their parents’ legacy would live on through the students that attend the school. From infants to preschool to kindergarten, J. B. Adams School meets all of the state licensing guidelines and is a Three Star Rising Star Center.

Proverbs 22:6
“Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it”

Our Teacher

Meet our Qualified Staff

The J. B. Adams School is currently under the leadership of the children of Pastor and Mrs. J. B. Adams.

Ms. Curtis

Ms. Curtis is a dedicated teacher who loves and adores children. She has served as our Toddler teacher for 22 years.

Mrs. Griffin

Mrs. Griffin is our Pre-K and Kindergarten Teacher and Curriculum Coordinator. She loves to teach and prepare students properly for school.